Inanis 1.3.0 released

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The next update of the Inanis chess engine: gradient descent tuner, improved SEE and evaluation.

Strength: 2900 Elo, Link:


  • Added search parameters as UCI options (only if the dev feature is present)
  • Added gradient descent tuner in place of local search
  • Added internal iterative reduction
  • Added bishop pair evaluation
  • Removed “avg_game_phase” in “tunerset” command
  • Removed “magic”, “testset”, “tuner” and “tunerset” commands from the release builds
  • Improved king safety evaluation
  • Improved quality of tunerset output
  • Improved search parameters
  • Improved pawn structure evaluation
  • Improved mobility evaluation by excluding squares attacked by enemy pawns
  • Fixed invalid position score when both kings are checked
  • Fixed incorrect SEE results for sliding pieces

History version

VersionRelease dateEloDescription
1.3.014-06-20242900Gradient descent tuner, improved SEE and evaluation
1.2.015-01-20232850Better Syzygy support, performance and stability improvement
1.1.114-08-20222800A bunch of fixes for reported issues, stability improvement
1.1.031-07-20222800Syzygy tablebases, MultiPV, adjusted evaluation
1.0.105-04-20222750A bunch of fixes for reported issues, stability improvement
1.0.002-04-20222750Initial release